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The Windfall Yachts - A Legacy of Goodwill“ by Michael Cudmore

The Windfalls consisted of a fleet of over 100 high quality wooden offshore yachts taken as reparations from Germany after the 2nd World War. Virtually all British service personnel who sailed offshore for the next 15 - 20 years were introduced to sailing in these yachts. As the years went on the services gradually disposed of them and they were bought by civilian owners, in due course becoming classic yachts, still known as Windfalls. Their beautiful lines still turn heads today."The Windfall Yachts - A Legacy of Goodwill" is the first book to be written about these magnificent yachts and is part history, part reference and part anthology. It is a product of years of research and is an essential new addition to our national maritime history. A theme throughout is the enormous amount of goodwill that the Windfalls have generated, between people and nations.The author is a retired Naval Commander who was introduced to sailing inWindfalls and has a close interest in maritime history

Das Buch kann unter folgendem Link bestellt werden: http://www.windfallyachts.com/


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